Wood Fences

Wood Fencing

Nothing looks better in your yard than the natural beauty of a real wood fence. There a number of different types of woods to choose from for your St. Louis wood fence.

Cedar Fencing

Cedar is a spectacularly good fencing material to consider for your St. Louis home. Cedar fencing is resistant to both insects and weather. In addition to that cedar provides a beautiful tone and color. The grain pattern is particularly pretty.

Copperwood Round Rail

The copperwood round rail fencing that Houlihan fence uses was selected for its strength, stability, and denseness. This particular wood is stunning to look at and as a homeowners, you can be assured that it will be a lasting addition to your St. Louis home.


Houlihan Fence also offers pine as a fencing material, particularly pressure treated pine. This wood is highly resilliant and is another great choice for your St. Louis home.

Houlihan Fence offers wooden fences in a number of different materials and not just what is listed above. For a complete list of the wood fence materials available from Houlihan Fence call or email now.

Wood Fence Photos