Ornamental Steel Fences

Ornamental Steel Fence Construction

When it comes to fencing, there really isn't anything that compares to a classic ornamental design. The look and feel of these superior fences brings a stylish decorative touch to a St. Louis home.

The ornamental fences from Houlihan Fence are specially engineered to bring beautiful aesthetics to any already powerful structure. With cool smooth lines and a new powder coated luster these popular features add a high-quality look to a low-maintenance fence.

Houlihan Fence has been in the fencing industry for over 30 years and it is important to note how much experienced we have gained and knowledge gleaned from that time. We've worked on virtually every type of job and it would be difficult to present a project that we haven't already done before. With experience comes excellence. You don't have to wonder about the quality of the installation on an ornamental fence from Houlihan.

We make sure our customers know what they're getting. High-quality products that are properly installed to stay standing for many years at the lowest possible price. Add to that our pride in excellent customer service and you have a mix that's just impossible to pass up.

Call or email Houlihan Fence today to find out what kind of ornamental fence we can build for your St. Louis home.

Ornamental Steel Fence Photos