Fence Staining

Whenever you invest in a brand new wood fence for your house, you need to take some time to make sure that your fence continues to be safe and secure with proper fence staining so that its beauty can last for a long time at your home. The best way to make this happen is to stain your wood fence using our industrial strength staining products.

Since wood has the tendency to warp, decay, and fall prey to pest infestations with termites, you should have your new fence stained immediately so that it is not left unprotected for a long stretch of time. Staining has numerous advantages, such as:

  • Enhancing visual appeal
  • Customized color choices
  • Wood sealing
  • Prevention of mildew
  • Protection from bugs
  • Fence Company

Fence staining might be something which we can take care of for you following installation by our fence company, or something you might decide to have completed in the near future. No matter when you choose to stain, the most important thing is that you get it completed, since your new investment is unprotected without it. Staining choices are practically limitless and can be mixed in a number of shades which meet your unique aesthetic needs.

Our Fence Staining Products

Each and every industrial strength fence staining product we use is designed and developed for a single purpose, fence staining. When compared with competitive products which are tagged "universal," the fence staining product line we implement is better in all aspects. These products are specially-designed for longevity, simple application, and simplicity of re-coating.

The following semi-transparant shades are available for you: desert sand, rustic oak, golden rod, yellow straw, sedona, sierra, coronado, wrangler, sable brown, graystone, prairie grey, coffee brown, cumberland brown, barn red, and mesa gray. Semi-transparent fence stains come with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty and offer a beautiful finished look.

The following transparent fence stains are available for you: harvest brown, leatherwood, oxford brown, sequoia, cedar tone, bright cedar, clear glow, saddle tan, and redwood. Transparent fence stains are resistant to harmful UV rays and are commonly used on new or old cedar and redwood fences.

Fence Installation

If you choose to have fence installation and staining all at once, our fencing company can assist you with this.

If you or someone you know recently installed a wooden fence or is looking to have one installed, discuss your staining options with the experienced St. Louis fence installers of Houlihan Fence today. Call our fence company at 636.532.3466 to learn more about our fence installation and fence staining

Fence Staining Photos