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Maybe you want the experience of building a fence yourself, maybe you can't really afford to have someone else build your fence, maybe you like being handy and working outside. Regardless of the reason, just because you intend to build and install a St. Louis fence yourself doesn't mean you shouldn't call Houlihan Fence.

Houlihan Fence has provided many customers throughout our 30 plus years in this business, with the supplies and information necessary to build a fence. We can supply the materials for you do the work and can even have those materials delivered to you. Rather than go to the big box store and get inferior service and low end materials, just call Houlihan and we'll gladly work with you on any fencing project you may have in mind.

We will even have one of our specialists do a preliminary walk-thru to get a better idea of the size and scope of your project and make sure you have enough materials to get the job done.

Whether you intend to build a fence yourself, or if you'd like us to do it for you, Houlihan Fence is always available to answer customers questions. After all, we're the experts. It wouldn't be fair to keep 30 years of experience all to ourselves, so we'll gladly help you out to make you can complete your fence project properly.

Want to build a fence yourself?

At Houlihan Fence we can provide you the materials, supplies and knowledge to make doing a fence project yourself as easy as possible. We have professional fence installation and complete planning services available, however, if you want to do the project yourself you'll find links to websites below that have information on planning and performing the installation yourself. None of the websites shown are in any way affiliated with Houlihan Fence, nor are we recommending or endorsing these sites.

Montage Fence Installation Video

Websites with fence installation information:
DIY Network- 10 Things You Must Know About Installing A Fence - Fence Installation & Maintenance Ask the Builder - Fence Videos by Category

Give us a call or send an email to schedule a time for one of our specialists to do a walk-thru of your next fence project. We take pride in keeping our customers happy and satisfied, regardless of whether we're building a fence, or merely supplying materials to St. Louis homeowners.