Ben Houlihan

Ben got started in the fencing industry back in 1969 when his Boy Scout leader asked him to work on his farm building fences. He was only 15 then but he quickly realized his passion for fencing. Shortly after that Ben started working for local farmers building fences in St. Charles County, Missouri.
Ben worked for a local fencing company for 15 years and ultimately decided to start his own fencing business. Using the vast amount of experience and expertise he had gained over the years Ben specialized in 3-day on time, every time high quality products and installations.
Ben can be reached at 636-532-3466, give him a call to get a free consult scheduled for your fencing project.

Connie Houlihan

Connie Houlihan is the Marketing Director and Office Manager for Houlihan Fence. Connie's number one priority is our customer's satisfaction throughout their entire fence project process from their first contact with Houlihan Fence through the completion of their fence.