Fence repairs can be very expensive. Below are our top 6 tips for having your fence repaired.

1. Assess the damage before you call a professional. Sometimes repairs are simple fixes that you can do yourself even if you are not that handy.

2. Take close up photos of the sections of the fence that need to be repaired. Then when you go to the store or contact a fence professional, they will be able to quickly assess the materials you need to repair your fence.


3. If the repair is more extensive than you can do yourself, email the photos to 3 fence companies so you can get a rough estimate for your repair. This will save you time and money. Experienced fence technicians will be able to evaluate your project based on your photos, so be sure to submit good quality photos showing all of the damage.

4. If your fence damage is creating a liability (an exposed pool, dogs or children escaping the yard), be sure to communicate that your project is urgent.

5. If you've hired a fence professional to repair your fence, while he's there, be sure to have him assess the rest of the fence for damage to avoid future repair costs.

6. Check your original fence contract for any warranties. Material warranties are handled directly with the manufacturer, although the fence company who installed your fence may assist with the warranty process. If your materials are under warranty, in most cases, you will still have to pay for the labor to remove the faulty materials and install the new materials.

For more information on fence repairs and fence maintenance issues so you can avoid repairs, download our free e-book - Houlihan the Fence Man's Ultimate Guide to Buying A Fence. We are here to serve!

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Most people who own homes like to spend time in their backyards when the weather is nice. In a suburban setting such as St. Louis, those homes can tend to be closer together than we would like. Getting privacy in your own backyard is something you have to strive to achieve. That is where a fence contractor can help! With the variety of styles and materials available for fences in St. Louis, you have many options for how to achieve your private backyard oasis in the middle of the suburbs.


You might assume that the only option for fencing with the purpose of privacy is a tall plain wooden fence. That is one option, but there are more styles than that! A shadowbox style wood fence gives the same privacy, but allows for more air circulation. Similarly, a basket weave style gives your fence a unique design element to add to the aesthetic of your backyard. You could also choose a horizontal wood fence design, which gives your fence a more contemporary look, but still offers privacy. Another option is the picture-frame style fence. It gives a classic look, which looks great for both you and your neighbor. If you just want something to match the look of your home, consider scalloped fencing. It fancies up the look of a traditional wooden privacy fence with a simple curved design at the top.


Those are just the wooden fence options! You could go with vinyl fencing, ornamental fencing, bamboo fencing, or even composite fencing, which all have just as many varieties of styles. These are also all low maintenance materials for fencing. If you have the time and some basic knowledge, your new fence could be a do it yourself project. If not, you will want to hire a professional for your fence construction. Whatever you decide for your fence in St. Louis, you need to find a fence company who will work with your needs and budget in mind.

For more information on buying a fence, check out our Houlihan the Fence Man's Ultimate Guide to Buying a Fence.

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"I'm buying a pool and now I need a fence. There are so many regulations. Help!"

We hear this everyday. For some, the pool code regulations can be daunting. Make sure the fence contractor you are working with knows your fence needs so you meet pool code requirements.

By law, pools need to be protected by a fence, wall, building or other enclosure that is at least 4 feet in height. The enclosure needs to be made of durable material, such as ornamental aluminum, ornamental steel, wood or vinyl. There are specific pool code ornamental fences, so be sure that if you choose an ornamental fence, it meets all of the pool code requirements. Wood fences and vinyl fences are also acceptable and the pool code is very specific as to how it's designed. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve and the amount of privacy you...

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What's my WHY?

People buy fences for many reasons. It's helpful to be clear why you are investing in a fence for your home. This will make a difference in selecting the best fence materials in the style that will meet your needs.

Here are the top 10 reasons for buying a fence:

1. We're installing a new pool and a fence is required according to pool code regulations.

2. I have young children and I want them to be able to play safely in my yard.

3. I want my dogs to be able to run freely in my yard.

4. I don't like other dogs using my yard for their bathroom.

5. I want privacy when I'm outside sitting on my patio.

6. I need to replace my old fence.

7. I'm not sure if my fence can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

8. I want my property lines cle...

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Buying a fence for the first time can be a daunting experience. We have 5 questions for you to ask when you are trying to find the best St. Louis Fence company to install your fence.

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