Pool Enclosures

"I'm buying a pool and now I need a fence. There are so many regulations. Help!"

We hear this everyday. For some, the pool code regulations can be daunting. Make sure the fence contractor you are working with knows your fence needs so you meet pool code requirements.

By law, pools need to be protected by a fence, wall, building or other enclosure that is at least 4 feet in height. The enclosure needs to be made of durable material, such as ornamental aluminum, ornamental steel, wood or vinyl. There are specific pool code ornamental fences, so be sure that if you choose an ornamental fence, it meets all of the pool code requirements. Wood fences and vinyl fences are also acceptable and the pool code is very specific as to how it's designed. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve and the amount of privacy you want around your pool, there are many different style options available.


Gates leading into the pool area also have requirements. Gates need to be equipped with self-closing and positive self-latching closing mechanisms. The latch needs to be installed as high as possible, but no less than 4 feet from the ground to preclude access of a toddler. Gates need to open away from the pool area.

For more information about buying a fence for your pool, check out Houlihan the Fence Man's Ultimate Guide to Buying a Fence.